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Jamesco: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence in Tire Display Industry


Jamesco boasts a rich history of dedicated service to the Tire Industry, a legacy that traces its roots back to its founder, Jim Talon. Jim was a close associate of Don Davis, Sales Promotion Manager at The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Akron. Building upon this strong foundation, Don assumed ownership of the company in 1987. Jamesco continued to expand its network of manufacturers and increase sales and its customer base in the tire industry, Under Don’s leadership, Jamesco pioneered innovative products for tire displays, including Custom Display Wheels, Tire Stands, and the promotion of Mobile Tire Racks and other Custom Displays, all of which became integral components of the company’s offerings.

In January 1993, Kurt and Kathy Davis took the reins of Jamesco from Don and Barb Davis. Kurt continued to drive the company’s success by focusing on sales and marketing, introducing new styles of vacuum-formed Display Wheels, Tire Stands, POP (Point-Of-Purchase ) Graphics, Mobile Tire Racks, and more. This strategic approach allowed Jamesco to expand its product portfolio and reach new heights.

With over three decades of experience, Kurt has catered to a diverse range of customers, both large and small. Jamesco takes immense pride in its direct collaboration with various stakeholders within the tire industry, including Independent Tire Dealers, Tire Shops, mid-level Distributors, Corporate Marketing and Sales Promotion Companies, Private Brand Manufacturers, Associate Brands, Flag Brand Corporations, and even National Retail Tire Store Chains. The hallmark of Jamesco’s success lies in its commitment to delivering top-quality tire display products that promote corporate tire brands and boost retail sales.

Kurt’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in his prompt, courteous response to your inquiries, quickly providing detailed quotes and clear communication. Competitive pricing, comprehensive quotes, free product samples and prototyping (when needed) are all part of the value-driven service that Kurt and Jamesco offer. Because Jamesco’s manufacturing supply chain is based in the USA, we typically can provide a swift turnaround time on your Marketing Project. This further underscores our commitment to meeting your project needs with high-quality products in a timely manner.

Jamesco stands ready to fulfill your display requirements and tire marketing program needs with a range of stocked and custom displays. A key advantage of partnering with Jamesco is its extensive network of loyal American manufacturers. These trusted vendors can produce precisely what you need at prices that align with your expectations, ensuring that you come out ahead every time.

Jamesco’s comprehensive services extend across the entire production process. Starting with the design, prototyping, precision fabrication, printing, finishing, assembly, packaging, shipping & distribution, Jamesco stands as the trusted partner with you throughout.

Whether you require a one-time solution or an ongoing partnership, Jamesco is the choice you’ll return to time and again for all your tire merchandising and display needs.