It was the early 70’s and Don Davis, Sales Promotion Manager for The Firestone Tire Company, was looking for a way to reduce marketing costs. He targeted the expensive chrome wheel that was used to display tires in showrooms. He came up with the idea of using low cost vacuum-formed polystyrene chrome display wheels in Firestone tire showrooms.

Don was able to demonstrate a significant cost reduction to management by using display wheels. So instead of stocking expensive wheels, tire dealers could use an inexpensive alternative, the chrome display wheel. Don got together with a man named Jim Talon (whom Jamesco is named after) and shared his idea of a low cost display wheel. Jim saw the merit in Don’s idea and started Jamesco with the low cost display wheel as his featured product.

Jamesco’s product line branched out, specializing in different P.O.S. items, like tire racks and stands, bay banners and inserts for tire merchandising. In 1987, Don Davis purchased Jamesco from Jim and with his creative flair, expanded the Jamesco’s offerings to include many new items. Custom acrylic literature dispensers, single tire floor displays, and a urethane foam tire to display snow chains, were just some of the innovative products he developed and sold.

Don “turned over the reigns” to his son Kurt in 1993, which together with his wife Kathy, purchased Jamesco. Kurt has been running the show ever since. He has tried to build on the solid reputation of his predecessors by striving to provide top quality products & services to the tire industry.

Kurt has expanded the line of display wheels to include new styles and an improved fit design. Jamesco continues to offer an extensive line of products for the display and merchandising of tires and automotive products. Jamesco is THE SOURCE for your tire displays and marketing tools!
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