Tall Profile
Tall Profile

Slimline 124 Tire Floor Display, with 1-TIRE SALE & 1-REBATE Sign included

Your Price: $349.46
Part Number: JMC-501
This modern Slimline 124 Tire Floor Display is made to showcase your featured tires. Includes 2 Generic Signs.  Add Tire Inserts (sold separately) to complete the look. 

  • Versatile, Slimline can be used as a one or two tire display (low profile) or two or four tire display (tall profile).
  • Unmounted tires can be displayed on one or both sides. 
  • Adjustable tire brackets accommodate various size tires. 
  • Easy assembly, the only tool needed is a screwdriver. 
  • Special black powder coating minimizes smudges, dirt and fingerprints. 
  • Levelers allow the Slimline to evenly sit on most floors. 
  • Each display comes with a set of two headers; “TIRE SALE” and “REBATE”, header is 20.125” x 8” 
  • 20.5” wide x 24” deep x 74.5” high (four tire configuration, includes header). 

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